Monday, February 23, 2009


I like Hypstr66. He's the man from whom I won the Evening Outs single. We completed the transaction in a car park in Walthamstow. It was most clandestine though he did invite the girlfriend and I to the pub for a drink. He could certainly afford to buy us one. But we had to hurry off to a party and so declined his kind offer.

Anyway he scooped £43 for You're A Rebel by Metropak which I picked up for £1.99 in a local charity shop a couple of years ago. Metropak followed this single with the inferior Here's Looking At You 7" before changing their name to Pak and releasing one more single. Found the second single in a charity shop too.

(An Evening Outs update. Since I parted with an incredible amount of cash for aforesaid record the little beast has made ebay its natural habitat. It sold for just over £100 a few weeks ago and currently two sellers have it up for auction. One has it a reckless starting price of around £250.)


45 Revolutions said...

eBay's its own little vaccuum. The prices often bear so little relation to achievable prices to the real world (can be much higher, can be much lower). Endemol should make a reality-show based on eBay.

Rupert Cook said...

I knew if I had to pay a lot for the Evening Outs it would appear on ebay within a month. It would have been a bitter pill to swallow had not the majority of the final price been paid by the girlfriend. A very expensive xmas present.

45 Revolutions said...

Someone's gotta be upfront to draw the fire. For the Evening Outs, you were the one who stepped up!

Rupert Cook said...

Yeh, that was big of me, wasn't it?