Friday, July 31, 2009

DAS SCHNITZ------They got played on Dr.Hook's radio.

No, I didn't get a phone call from Sylvia's mother imploring I heap praise on Dr.Hook, this is a single by Das Schnitz who couldn't afford proper sleeves and so,like anarchic magpies, borrowed other artists' sleeves and customized them. This particular punk typhoon hit Torquay, the band's home town, in early 1979 when this single was released in a pressing of 533 on Ellie Jay. Some one hundred or so ended up in the borrowed sleeves before legal action was threatened by a major label claiming the customization was an infringement of copyright. Artists who unknowingly helped the Das Schnitz cause by providing the single with an overcoat include Blondie, Chaka Khan, Funkadelic and, if this isn't a fake, Dr.Hook.
The band members were Tim Dodge on vocals/guitar, Nardi Jahangiri on vocals/guitar, Stuart Gordon on bass and Kevin Perry on drums. They were 16/17 years old and they lost their gig virginity at Torquay Girls Grammar School. After that there were no worlds left to conquer.

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Rupert Cook said...

Sorry about all this thirty second stuff. I think I'll have to change from imeem which is becoming a pain.

Bradders said...

4AM by Das Schnitz is definitely one of my favourite punk/powerpop tunes of all time. I put the band on at the 12 Bar Club last month and they were amazing

Rupert Cook said...

Another band reunion! At this rate it'll be 1977 all over again. (I wish, then I could buy all those singles I missed first time round for 25p and make a killing in the here and now).