Friday, July 31, 2009


Episode 4 released one 12" single before mutating into East Village, a band much beloved of Bob Stanley of St. Etienne. This single has surpassed the £200 mark in the past but recently it has stalled far short of that. Its final sale price of £108 is the cheapest I've seen it sell for. A friend told me that it used to turn up regularly in the bargain basement in MVE. If only I had a time machine.


martin said...

Yep, it's true about the Episode 4 being a regular at the Record and Tape (as I *still* insist on calling it)... I remember cherry picking a couple of couples there many moons ago (record from one, inner from another, promo pack from a third...). Ended up with 3 copies, plus one from Cheapo a couple of years back. A store that I'm presuming has gone for good now. Scuzzy as hell, but the occasional good find... :-) And if you ever get that time machine to work Rupert, I'll pick up some of those Playing at Trains and Man Upstairs I used to wade through at 38 Notting Hill Gate... grrr!

Rupert Cook said...

I'd love to find the 12" of the Man Upstairs Consumers EP in MVE. For sure they wouldn't know what
it's worth. I found the Playing At Trains 12" in a charity shop in Warwick about two years ago.

Cheapo Cheapo apparently closed down about six months ago.